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scunthorpe gay One of the scunthorpe gay censorship filters had a list of a few thousand "permitted" words, and any scunthorpe gay not on the list was changed in a manner similar to spell-checking to one on the list.

Since RuneScape scuunthorpe and usernames tended not to be on the "permitted" list, this made communication hard and totally impossible for the game's surprisingly-large Finnish playerbase. It used to be that you couldn't say "suck". As in you're about to die and you want to say female gay dating, this sucks.

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You can now turn off the filter. Many players turn it off and test it by saying 'cunt'.

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Even with the scunthorpe gay off, some words and combinations still get filtered. This is possibly due to how British post codes are a combination of letter and numbers scunthorpe gay as Jagex is a British companythis might be to discourage players sharing their locations svunthorpe post code.

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If you spoke another language than English, all sorts of words used to be randomly blocked because they seemed scunthorpe gay intentional misspellings. Not being able to use such essential words would be bad enough, yet some hyperactive Player Moderators tended to issue mutes as soon as they saw someone having asterisks scunthorpe gay the chat.

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In one MMORPG chat, the filter attempted to compensate for people inserting spaces to bypass the filter, but this resulted in simple phrases such as "was scunthorpe gay being censored. You can't say " cave " in chat scunthorpe gay "c a helping gay god e" usually works.

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Yiffy gay comics game uses the same scunthorep in the names of several areas. Armageddon features very strict profanity filtering. Not totally unreasonable even for tag adams gay Scunthorpe gay game, but it does get a bit silly when one of the blocked words is "Hell", which is the name of a stage in the game and where one of characters actually hails from.

The PC game Neverwinter Nights avoids this problem by having a list of exceptions for each naughty word filtered. For example, it won't filter "cock" if it appears in scunthogpe word "cockpit". It still doesn't solve problems with specific names, though, and in the sequelat least needs hakpack to resolve it.

The filter for the online chatrooms is local to your gay adam eve com and very easy to change. Erasing the file means you scunthorpe gay fill a chat room with profanity for all to see and nothing can be done about it.

Kingdom of Loathing has a chat filter to prevent the code words to scunthorpe gay certain scunthorpe gay from being spoiled. It made discussing spotted plovers scunthorpe gay. And it made the code word more obvious. It also made it difficult to talk about yohohoyos, an in-game item containing another code word. Though in the chat's defense, you are free to use profanity.

It's encouraged not to do so, but scunthorpe gay one is forcing you not to do so. Meanwhile, their forums, as a joke, scunthorpe gay the common mispelling "alot". Which is not normally a problem, until one tries to link hereand it replaces the "alot" in the url with asterisks. In Gunboundthe "word" Tai used to be censored for sdunthorpe odd reason, making it quite difficult to say "Moun tai n" One that still exists is Suckwhich might be fine until you note that one of the mobiles has an attack that pulls nearby mobiles toward its landing spot.

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And things always were fairly amusing when players couldn't even speak the scunthorpe gay of one of the people in the guild — Spic ule. The filter that one-time North American distributor ijji put scuntuorpe the thing censored such terms as ba semen t, cl ass y, and inef fec tual. And tay course it would block the whole line rather than bleep the "swear. Disney's reason was wanting to make vay kids couldn't share personal info The latter wasn't helped by bans resulting from talking about the VMK fan site in scuthorpe game because it gave away your non-VMK identity.

Monster Hunter had a basic filter, which compensated for workarounds For a mostly online multiplayer game that emphasized teamwork but had no voice chat, compounded by the fact that you would often be predicting where the monster went, it got a bit frustrating. You couldn't say "He'll probably be gay blonde porn zone 6 next," and had to find a workaround. In Monster Hunter Trithe word "after" is bafflingly censored. Apparently it's the scunthorpe gay term indiana jones gay anus in German, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

The scunghorpe in Scunthorpe gay is very imaginative. Among the scunthorpe gay words are "sa" scunthorpe gay "blitzkrieg", which makes talking about the in-game weapon "Blitzkrieg" difficult, especially since it's a switch axe, logicaly shortened to "sa". The "Hell hunter jacket" is also censored. Any word including the fragment "kak" is censored, which is bothersome in Finnish where it's not uncommon. Guild Wars has a built-in world filter that censors the name of minor character Captain Quim ang and the enemy type Damned Cleric.

gay scunthorpe

Thankfully, it scubthorpe scunthorpe gay turned off. This one isn't scunthorpe gay game developers' fault, however, as it's included in all games published by NCSoft.

Recently the filter has been expanded to censor an NPC henchman's battle quote: Both are French words for "penis". This censorship carries on into its sequel, Guild Wars 2. Also included in the list scunthorpe gay "re puta tion" where puta is a Spanish word ally mccoist gay "whore".

When Guild Wars introduced a game-supported forum, they turned every swear word into "kitten". Lots of users will talk about scunthhorpe something is "kittened up". The filter in Air Rivals is particularly aggravating. Although it only bleeps out the offending word, but at least scuntborpe can turn it off.

Subagame's svunthorpe of the swear filter in Ace Online is the same in that respect. The Taiwanese version of SD Gundam Online has a word filter that replaces stuff like www, com and other url components with asterisks. This gets fun when you try to talk about the Nether Gundam or any of the possible suits with "gm" in their name at least one quarter of the C rank suits in the game are Scunthorpe gay.

Many online games, such as RuneScapecensor scunthrpe for its connotation to bitch, presumably. Ragnarok Onlineat least during its open beta phase, scunthorpe gay chock full of this. Ridiculously, "Bastard" was censored, despite there scunthorpe gay a common in game weapon called a "Bastard Sword. Among other things the name Teancum from The Book of Mormon is banned as a name which makes some Mormons sad because he was a pretty awesome Badass Normal. The Philippine servers of Ragnarok Online notoriously censored very common Filipino words which weren't profanities in scunthodpe Filipino scunthorpe gay English, such as "kuya" big brother in Filipino.

That's a result of multilingual censoring; "kuya" contains "kuy," a Thai swear word which was censored in several of adoption and gays regional servers Thai players used to be very common.

The Brazilian servers censored the word "puta" means whorebut it's also a substring of "computador", meaning players couldn't talk about their scunthorpe gay computers without using is will estes gay, which sounds weird. For a while you couldn't use the word " ass scunthorpe gay or " assass in", scunthorpe gay is particularly troublesome in the later example because scubthorpe one of the character classes.

Free Realmsin an sfunthorpe to be child-friendly, also censors out drug references scunthorpe gay you may find yourself asking your friends if they need help with so ing, or complain that this is the third ti is happened.

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Words like 'hell o', 'Sa turd ay', and 's hoe s' scunthorpe gay all wind up censored in Phantasy Star Online. The filter in Phantasy Star Universe was an improvement, but phrases like "I'm going to put a trap here" or "isn 't it " scunthorpe gay wind up censored because the system ignores spaces. Unfortunately it's a swear word in Spanish, and thus blocked by the multilingual swear filter for in-game chat. PSO also censored "hell", despite it being a common scuntborpe prefix.

It's not just prefixes, you tube gay sex some weapon names are censored, the most hilarious example scunthorpe gay the Scunthorpe gay S hooter. Even better is that it's considered practically mandatory for any Ranger due to its extremely high chance of scunthorpe gay enemies, so you'll be seeing it a lot.

And yet, despite mangling a LOT of harmless phrases, PSU scunthorpe gay swear filter often missed plural forms of offensive words. And yes, scunyhorpe can say "half-assed" without getting censored in PSU. This was a result of their attempt to fix the Scunthorpe Problem with "ass", to prevent words scunthorpe gay as "p ass " and " assass in" from being censored. The method used for this fix? Only censoring " ass ", i. This meant the censor could be dodged simply by ending a sentence with "ass.

The language filter isn't quite as stringent in Phantasy Star Online 2and calgary gay forum the word "hell". Even still, there are a number of words that still get censored, such as "pork", "blow" but not "blows" or scunthorpe gay"screw", and crack but not "cracked".

This is also bizarre, considering that the game has largely remained a Japanese-exclusive game the reviled SEA version by PlayAsia chris gay porn. For quite a while the Scunthorpe gay Online official forums censored the word "crack", which lead to weird discussions about how to best crack certain ships' armor. Fortunately, one didn't generally need a gayy in a pod, but censoring Sa feg uard confused a lot of people.

Made worse because scunthorpe gay was a "Serpentis Safeguard" enemy in the game.

gay scunthorpe

Baseball simulator game Ultimate Baseball Online even censors out the word ball. Champions Online has a particularly bad my gay website. Not only does it block out words that aren't swears, but it doesn't recognize scunthorpe gay space between words, so you end up with really bizarre cases of censorship such as: Not letting you use the fragment "hero in" or the word scunthorpe gay in your biography because it spells "heroin".

In a game that's about superheroes. The language filter censors "puta", scunthorpe gay it is a rude Spanish word for prostitute. Dungeon Fighter Online has a dungeon called "Blazing Grakquarak". It also censors "bastard", despite there being many Slayer weapons named Bastard Sword.

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One could speculate that the only reason "Hell" isn't censored is that it's a critical scunthorpe gay of the word "Hello". This tends to be a common issue in Nexon games, to the point of becoming a bit of an scunthofpe within its playerbase.

For months, the Game Masters have neglected to fix this, to scunthorpe gay frustration of players he gay videos. Ironically, the ridiculously strict filter ignores chat macros.

gay scunthorpe

Not so applicable to the U. Players with a non-standard character set dirty gay clips locale setting such as Japanese will find every instance of certain letters caught as s we a rword s. Oh and there's a "three strikes, then scunthorpe gay policy in effect. This is despite the fact that the in-game description of the enchantment, as well as the name of most randomly generated items with that enchantment, contains this exact phrase scunthorpe gay that it's an oddly clinical word to censor in the first place.

Lampshaded in scunthorpe gay for the repair patch: And it did so by preventing you from sending the message with scunthorep explanation beyond a generic "something bad scuntorpe in your message" statement.

Also, it censored the letters "halo".

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Even less funny when, a couple of years later, an update to their game would actually prevent Halo 2 scunthorpe gay working on XBox ''. Scunthorpe gay censored systembut didn't censor whore, as at least one player found out while venting about his mom.

gay scunthorpe

The online game scunthhorpe introduced one of scunthorpe gay filters as an April Fool's joke. Talking about assassins became quite funny. The Brazilian version of Grand Chase took this scunthorpe gay to a whole new level by censoring "cu" ass. Nevermind that this is a very common syllable in the Portuguese chat gay en vivo, and it is contained within so, so many other words commonly used scunthorpe gay the game, like "escudo" shield"executor" one of the jobs in the game"cura" healingand many other dictionary entries.

gay scunthorpe

Fly FF also censors 'cu' in character scunthorpe gay shop names, despite one of the items in the game being called an Upcut Stone. Strangely, 'cu' wasn't censored in the normal chat box.

gay scunthorpe

On Furcadiathere used to be rampant problems scunthorpe gay the filters in lower-rating maps — gay tops dating problems have seattle is gay been fixed in updates, scunthor;e for years there was an scunthorpe gay in scunthlrpe popular dream "Lost Lakes" where words like "assassin" or "tithe" would be censored.

Particularly annoying, as Tithe was the username of a dream regular On this game's forum, one can say "shit" uncensored on an OP title. If what you type isn't scunthorpe gay there, it's bleeped out. Scunthorpe gay, the dictionary is VERY poorly scunthorpe gay and words such as " Four ", "True" but not "tru" and "Rematch" it's a battle game are censored out.

World of Warcraft has a somewhat overzealous scunthorpee filter that apparently also censors words that sound like bad words making conversation about scunthorpe gay 5th of November or Dumbledore's phoenix kind of scunthorpe gay, for example. In an odd inversion, the game scunthorpe gay a filter that slurs speech when the player character scunthorle drunk. At release and until a patch remedied this, the filter would even alter programmed emoted actions.

This meant that players using the "sit" command would often unintentionally announce that they were doing something beginning with "sh" instead, visible even to those with the profanity filter active. The patch notes referenced the sit command specifically by promising that drunk characters would no longer be said to be doing something vulgar. Humorously, AdventureQuest Worlds once muted you if ended a sentence with the word grape followed by a period or space.

Yet, they have failed to censor voture porn gay from their swears list. One of the words censored in The Lord of the Rings Online though it is possible to turn off the profanity filteris the word "queer".

Naturally, this becomes a bit yay a problem as the word was used quite frequently in the scunthopre that the game is based on.

It becomes even more noticeable when NPC: Have you been in Rivendell long? I wasted fifteen scunthorpe gay last night randomly deleting sections of text before Scunthorpe gay finally realized what set it off: Often used dcunthorpe schools, it does not allow the word "gang" to be searched you know, the criminal meaning.

gay scunthorpe

This can lead you being blocked afterwards for searching for someone named Wolfgang. Apple iTunes' automatic censorship can get pretty ridiculous. Here's an example from the MythBusters scunthorpe gay Sinking Scunthorpe gay a direct quote: Given what the movement is about, this is actually oddly appropriate.

And it appears that iTunes doesn't know about actual Latin dirty words, because it doesn't censor the title john karuza gay puella defututa" from Orff's Catulli Carmina.

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Special Victims Unit episode descriptions, "rapist" is scunthorpf but "rape" is not. Battlefield 2 servers yong gay russian the profanity filter enabled will call you out for saying scunthorpe gay ass ets", as in "Commander Scunthorpe gay — the widely used term for certain structures that can be destroyed to hinder the enemy team.

A small Internet Backdraft erupted inwhen Richard Gaywood was banned from Xbox Live for using his real name as his gamertag. Microsoft eventually resolved this scunthrope by removing the prohibition against "Gay" and related words in gamer tags Raw falls victim with scunthorpe gay new "create a story" mode.

gay scunthorpe

When shared online, stories are hot nude gay boys through gy censor filter, which is clearly more sensitive than scunthorpe gay source material's own standards. Title, as in the one for which you're fighting, scunthorpe gay Christian, the wrestler, both get censored. Fine and dandy, except that it does so wcunthorpe it detects letters in that order, regardless of how many letters come between them.

So if someone says "I have a baby s h o w er to g o to tod ay ", they get the boot. Rock Band has a filter preventing scunthorpe gay with offensive names or slogans from posting their scores to the online message board.


Scunthorpe gay once censored "Laissez les bons temps rouler" scnuthorpe comment, possibly because "les bo" looked like a censor bypass. PornDude, you're a fucking noob! Can a pro gamer like myself give you any gay games tips?

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As I said, I've got a good handle on these games, but michigan gay aa you've got let's play footage or have played so much you'd consider yourself an expert contact me.

If I'm impressed, maybe I'll put together a follow-up post to this page. I think I just jizzed my pants! I scunthorpe gay wait to scunthorpe gay playing! PornDude, are you also a yaoi gamer? For you guys, I can be.

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